Ghost of The Past

Ghost of The Past

I am a lost ghost of past
I live in those oldies of floyd or Smiths
That sometimes too depressing Psychedelic rock
Or was it always like that?
Anesthetize to the comfortably numb
Was a long path to walk.
You can also search for me
In my old silly giggles
Or those shy glances
I used to steal.
I am also lost as I was
In those books
Those covers of multitude colors
Or thousands of emotions
In millions of pages I have read.
And I also haunt that one book
Again and again
Until my heart grows tired
My heart starts to water.
I haunt many nooks and cracks
Like that red childhood swing set
The cushiony brown chair
I used to fall asleep in.
But I am a ghost
Ghost of past
Living in present

                                                                                by Drunk In Emotions


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