Shades Of Nature

Shades Of Nature

In those familiar alleys of my village,
Where I found thousand shades of nature
The river with umpteen ripples
And Sunlight playing tricks on it.
Leaving different shadows behind
The ghosts of hundred colors,
Some dark some light
Vermilion of red from
Those perennial copper pods
And sometimes a crimson
Cuts through due to light.
A pinch of magenta from that
Huge bush of Bougainvillea,
On the side.
The huts lined both ways
Around that stream
Narrated countless tales.
It still fills me with nostalgia
When I remember those time,
Sun kissed days with endless smiles.
Those lazy mornings,
with the hazy skies.
Running home with all my might.
When it was still two hours left,
In arrival of night
That open veranda still calls me.
To count those countless stars
Which were so near to me,
Yet so far

                                                              by Drunk In Emotions


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