What Are Murals

What Are Murals

Murals are large scale paintings executed directly on walls, ceilings, and many other typically large flat, convex or concave surfaces.  They are presumed to be the oldest human art form, as cave paintings at numerous ancient human settlements suggest, and can be found all over Earth.  A wide variety of artistic styles are used in mural painting, and some incorporate the use of techniques which combine Realism with a dramatic sense of scale and amazing depth, while Trompe L’oeil paintings are noted for an extraordinary sense of detail.
A mural is usually commissioned by a patron, corporation, government or institution because it obviously represents an motivated endeavor.  For this reason, murals are often found in places like public and private schools, government buildings, and on the outside of buildings in urban, suburban and rural areas. Murals and those of us who create them often get recognized, due to the large scale and themes. Leonardo da Vinci and Diego Rivera were both muralists. Michelangelo was, of course, too. Qualified  muralists demonstrate a remarkably wide range of skills required to meet the special needs of murals. The requirements or ‘needs’ of mural painting are too numerous and according to the client needs.
Classically, a mural is applied directly to a prepared surface as with fresco which, of course, was used in the Sistine Chapel. Fresco is a wet plaster to which pigments are added. As the pigments dry, they fade slightly, but more importantly bond with the plaster. Today’s murals are frequently painted with acrylics rather than oils which were the standard less than one hundred years ago.
Acrylics are a fast drying medium, so most of the new age muralists prefer to mainly paint the base layers using acrylic medium and can also follow up with oils for further layers.
In Graphite Box Studio, we take an intensive care of what are the requirements of the patron who is interested to undergo a lifetime experience of mural painting. The medium to be used is then finalized after the study of the references provided or the concept to be developed. The Studio varies in mediums from Acrylics, Oils to Spray Cans.



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